Aroma Sense Showerhead Accessories

Bathroom Remodel Denver


You can escape into paradise with a bathroom remodel in Denver providing the indulgence of a spa-inspired aromatherapy shower head that leaves you refreshed and energized!

Your bathroom remodel can include a shower head equipped toprovide a simple installation of a Vitamin C cartridge that releases aroma oils into your water.

As you plan your bathroom remodel with our aromatherapy shower head, you can enjoy the same luxurious experience as the premier hotels with whom we partner:

  • Body and mind rejuvenation
  • Filtered and purified final shower water
  • Chlorine neutralization
  • Healthy hair and skin

Visit our Zen Home USA website today to find more ideas for a bathroom remodel that can cut down on your morning and evening stress andhelpyou feel more luxurious.