Vitamin C Aromatherapy Replacement Cartridges

Eucalyptus Oil


If you are new to essential oils, we invite you to try our jasmine essential oil, lavender oil and eucalyptus oil to experience their natural aromatherapy health benefits every time you shower!

Unlike the well-known “fragrance oils” that frequently contain synthetic chemicals, our natural essential oils, including eucalyptus oil provide healing effects and other benefits such as:

  • Vitamin C replenishment
  • A sense of wellness, balance and beauty
  • Hair nourishment and improved skin properties
  • Open airways
  • A vast range of therapeutic properties

We offer eucalyptus oil vitamin C aromatherapy cartridges for our fixed and handheld showerheads that provide significant psychological and physiological balancing effects to create a perfect complement to your daily wellness routine.

Contact Zen Home USA on our website to learn more about a eucalyptus oil aromatherapy experience with every shower!