Aromatherapy Shower San Jose


If you are interested in an aromatherapy shower in San Jose, CA, Zen Home USA is just the expert you need to get in touch with. We specialize in creating therapeutic, fragrant shower experiences and offer a comprehensive aromatherapy shower kit for San Jose residents.

Make us your first call for the help you need to convert your ordinary daily bath into a spa-like, luxurious sensation. Installation of our Aroma Sense aromatherapy shower in your San Jose property can bring about this amazing transformation.

What are you waiting for? Lose no time in contacting us to discuss your aromatherapy shower requirements in San Jose. Let us tell you all about the aromatherapy shower kit we offer, which includes:

  • Aroma Sense shower head
  • Shower diffuser hardware
  • Aromatherapy Vitamin C cartridge
  • Aromatherapy replacement cartridge

Aromatherapy is best enjoyed when your body is in a warm, calm, relaxing environment like a shower. We make this experience simple with what we offer San Jose.

Contact Zen Home USA for an aromatherapy shower in San Jose!

Aroma Shower Head San Jose


Our aroma shower head for San Jose residents is unlike any of the commonly used showers. What sets this aroma shower head apart is that its San Jose users get to experience a stress-relieving, mood-uplifting fragrance shower.

The people who invest in our aroma shower head in the San Jose area can look forward to baths that are not just more pleasurable and rejuvenating, but also very beneficial for their skin and hair. Fed by Vitamin C and natural essential oil cartridges, our aroma shower head helps San Jose residents maintain more healthy hair and cleaner, softer skin.

Do consider buying our aromatherapy shower kit if you are planning to go in for:

  • New bath or shower ideas
  • Bathroom remodel
  • New shower installation
  • Shower remodel

Consider Zen Home USA for an aroma shower head in San Jose!

Fragrance Shower San Jose


We are waiting eagerly for you to have our fragrance shower installed in your San Jose property to be able to get healing benefits from daily baths. Do not lose this opportunity of turning the ordinary shower into a restorative, relaxing, fragrance shower for you and your family in San Jose.

Our company does not use synthetic oils and chemicals to create fragrance shower for our San Jose customers. You can count on us to offer authentic, top-grade natural essential oils for the fragrance shower in your San Jose property.

Striving to cater to different preferences, we offer the choice of:

  • Lavender oil
  • Eucalyptus oil
  • Citrus oil
  • Jasmine oil

Contact Zen Home USA for a fragrance shower in San Jose!