Lemon Vitamin C Aromatherapy Cartridge - Fixed Shower Heads

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Aroma Vitamin C Filter

The Aroma Vitamin C filter is made of aroma essential oil, Vitamin C ingredients and distilled water. This filter successfully passed the safety testing of the FDA in the USA and is FDA registered.A liter of water, which passes through the Aroma Sense Vitamin C filter, is proven to have 0.6mg~1.2mgs of Vitamin C added to the water as tested by the test of Korea Testing & Research Institute. It removes residual chlorine in tap water and releases aroma scent and Vitamin C. This is beneficial to the health of both skin and hair. You can take a refreshing shower.The maximum lifespan of the Aroma Vitamin C filter is 6,000 liters of water. This can be several months depending on the length and frequency of showers and the heat of the water during showers.